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Welcome to the official guestbook of the James J Braddock website. Do you have any memories of the Champ you'd like to share?   Post them here!

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A contact of mine in the U.S.told me about the film.As ayoungster I was very interested in the Heavyweight Champs and as Jim Braddock didn't seem to have as much written about him as Dempsey etc.this site has really given me a better insight into Jim's story.Hope the film shows in U.K.soon.

Barry Martin - Southampton, Hampshire England
2005-06-01 15:58:27

As a young boy from neighboring West New York, NJ, who walked past the North Bergen Braddock home a thousand times en route to or from Hudson County Park (a mini-Central Park), I can't remember much except two Braddock sons fighting over which would cut the grass or whatever. I feel sad that I didn't ask more questions of my Dad who would always point out the former champ's home. By the early 1950's, I guess, we only wanted to hear Rocky Marciano or Joe Louis stories. Thank you, Mr. Howard, Mr. Crowe & especially the entire Braddock Family!

August J. Lehe - Talladega, Alabama USA
2005-06-01 15:45:05

Wonderful movie. Hope this serves as a reality check for those people who believe hardship is walk 3 blocks to get their Starbucks!

Anna - Bellevue, Wa USA
2005-06-01 14:55:33

My wife and I were lucky enough to attend the "premier" of Cinderella Man. Each time someone in the film mentioned "New Joisy" everybody roared with delight. It is not often that a film receives a standing ovation at the end, but that is what happened on May 29 at the theater in Hazlet, NJ.

Buddy Unanski - Hazlet, Nj USA
2005-06-01 14:25:36

I also saw the movie during a sneak preview. I also as many of the younger generation did not know much about James Braddock. I cried, and applauded, and gripped my husbands hand through the entire movie. Your Fathers committment to his family, and friends was remarkable. It is certainly the best movie I have ever seen. As a descendant of the first american's, a member of the Tulalip Tribe. It is so great to see the pride and love this man has left as his legacy. I will bring my entire family to the movie this week. I am sure it will touch their hearts, as it has mine. God bless you and your family. And may James and Mae rest in peace knowing what an impact their story will surely have on each person that is blessed to withness this remarkable movie.

Charlotte Smith - Tulalip, Wa Usa
2005-06-01 12:34:45

My sister and I were lucky enough to see an advanced screening of "Cinderella Man" last night. It was amazing. I did not know anything about James Braddock before the movie, but it is easily understandable why so many people looked up to and admired him. Both he and Mae seemed to be truly incredible people.
Thank you for sharing your family's story and touching our lives.

Ann Marie Fife - Kenner, Louisiana USA
2005-06-01 11:03:30

Nice guys do finish first, sometimes after great personal struggle & Pain. great Story! One question about the movie, Why did Ron Howard portray Max Baer as such a prick when he wasn't actually? Could there be some anomosity left over from when Max Baer Jr. and he were on competing 1960's Sitcoms?

Jay Markland - Dayton, Oh USA
2005-06-01 09:17:49

The movie was wonderful!! Thank you for sharing your family’s story. The love, grace and dignity shown by both your grandparents is truly inspiring.

Geri Mckessy - Everett, Wa USA
2005-06-01 01:39:27

I took my wife & neighbors to the Advance Screening of this EXCELLENT movie tonight. The story of this wonderful man deeply touched all of our hearts. I have actively participated in the sport of boxing for over 51 years as an amateur & pro fighter, referee, judge, promoter and coach/trainer. As a coach/trainer I am currently teaching athletes ages 9-35 the art of boxing. My wife says this is the best movie she has ever seen. I greatly apreciate the authenticity of the sport and story that is so often not portrayed accurately in movies. We rate the movie a 10. I also want to thank you for this website.

Billy Sahnow - Mechanicsville, Va USA
2005-06-01 01:01:27

Wow, what a story!! The movie was fantastic!

Megan Sandora - Philadelphia, Pa USA
2005-05-31 23:26:43

Just saw the sneak preview of "Cinderella Man"...

As an amatuer boxer and kickboxer, I always enjoy a great "underdog" story. I didn't know much about Mr. Braddock so I searched the Web and found this site. Excellent job with this site and thank you for the information! As anyone close to the sport will tell you, the guys "back in the day" were as tough as nails! James Braddock proved that to no end...

Joe O'connor - Philadelphia, Pa USA
2005-05-31 23:14:00

Nice site

Tim - Mcdanish, Wa USA
2005-05-31 22:22:15

As a playwright I love a good story, that is why I am very surprised I had never heard of the story of Mr. Braddock. I know more now that I have perused this website, and I am so glad that (even though I am sure it will be more than a bit "Hollywoody") this Great American Story will be actualized on the screen so that a whole new generation can learn about, and appreciate the life and times of this man.

Ed Vela - Houston, Texas USA
2005-05-31 19:21:39

I remember Mr Braddock well and the many times I shoveled snow for he and his wife while living in North Bergen (just one block away) from 1950 to 1958. He was a regular at baseball games and I believe his nephew played on my team. My dad would come home and tell me stories about James J and occassionally he would have a few pops with Mr. Braddock at the local pub a few blocks from our house. My wife and I can't wait to see the movie.

Mike Bagley - North Beach, Nj USA
2005-05-31 17:33:30

My husband and I saw this movie Sunday night on a sneak preview. I have to say, it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I believe it will rank up there and be one of the great movies of all time. How long has it been since the audience applauded at the end of a movie? This movie is wonderful!!!!

Donna - Birmingham, Al USA
2005-05-31 17:12:25

I saw the movie on a sneak preview night a few days before the national opening. Excellent movie. Jim was a great role model for doing the right thing in life. An example was paying back the assistance money when his luck had changed for the better. After the movie I wanted to know more about the Cinderella man. Thanks for the website info.

Terry - Indianapolis, In USA
2005-05-31 15:31:47

I can't wait to see this movie! Since I am of Irish blood it will be great to see a real Irish boxer and role model. I was born in a boxing city Scranton, PA

William P. O'hearn - Felton, Pa USA
2005-05-31 13:09:25

A true American inspiration story! I attended the sneak preview with my wife and daughter and all agreed it is Oscar bound. We laughed, cried and cheered... best movie in a long time.

Tim Templeton - San Diego, Ca USA
2005-05-31 12:38:58

Hats off to the Braddock Family, Cinderella Man will be the Blockbuster Film of the Year!!! I'm so proud to have Uncle Howard & Aunt Elsie as part of my family!!! Hi, Cousin Timmy & Beverly, Cousin Nancy & Pete Kamorowoski, Cousin Susan and all the Braddock Kids....Hi, Jay..I'll see you all in August at the Family Reunion!!!!!

Pete Daprato - Northfield,nj, New Jersey USA
2005-05-31 11:54:12

I saw a sneak preview showing of the movie cinderella man over the weekend and it was a great movie. As a former fighter and amatuer boxing historian i love the fact that they made a movie of Jimmy Braddock. It was great because it was not a fictional portrayal of guy likie Rocky but rather the "real thing" about a true champion.

It's a shame that today's champions and other professional athletes don't carry themselve's with the dignity of a Jimmy Braddock.

Dr Herb Schraw - Toledo, Ohio Usa
2005-05-31 11:19:09

My wife and I saw a special screening of Cinderella Man Sunday night. Although the movie was great, I was more impressed with the man. I'm 30 years old and I've never heard of James Braddock or his story. What a great man of character! A man that alot of people could learn a great deal from!

Here's to you Jim!

Matt Wright - Memphis, Tn USA
2005-05-31 10:29:17

I don't go to movies very often but when I watched Ron Howard on Larry King Saturday night and he talked about 'Cinderella Man', I knew it was a movie I wanted to see. There was to be a sneak preview the next night and I went straight to the Internet to see where it would be playing in our area. We went to the preview last night and I enjoyed the movie so very much. It was so moving. And so thrilling! I hope it wins lots of Oscars because it certainly is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Vicki - Mill Creek, Washington USA
2005-05-31 03:46:38

My wife and I had the privilege of seeing what has to be a "contender" in this year's Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor Oscar Awards. I was born in 1935 so I didn't have the good fortune to hear the radio broadcasts of any of Jimmy Braddock's fights, but I listened to many with my dad, including most of those of the Brown Bomber, who was the only World's Heavyweight Champion I knew of during my childhood, since he held the title most of this time. Later I did become a student of boxing and subscriber to Ring Magazine. Through these endeavors I became acquainted with James J. Braddock, but until watching the movie, I didn't realize what a man of character he was. A loving husband, father and friend, a real man. One that can teach a great number of lessons, which seem to have escaped the memories of many during these "ME" times. After attempting to put into practice, the intellectual pursuit of the art of boxing, I tried my luck in the "Golden Gloves" with 3 matches, of which I lost 2, so much for knowing the art of boxing but lacking the physical skills and character to put them into practice. Thanks to Ron Howard for his presentation, and the worderful cast for their meaningful protrayal of the characters to a grateful public of boxing fans, but even more of a public,
grateful to have had a glance into the tough life of our fathers and mothers, who lived the "Great Depression".

J. Don Miller

J. Don Miller - Memphis, Tn USA
2005-05-30 23:10:33

What a great story of a man and his family.Goes to show you should all ways keep the faith.. (= God bless the irish....

Briget Aguon - Las Vegas, Nv USA
2005-05-30 22:56:16

Cinderella Man was a wonderful movie. James Braddock was a good man. People of today could learn alot about character from him and his family.

Mike Hewitt - Broadwell, Illinois USA
2005-05-30 22:37:35

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