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Welcome to the official guestbook of the James J Braddock website. Do you have any memories of the Champ you'd like to share?   Post them here!

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A truly inspirational story. I would like to thank the Braddock family for allowing the story to be told both on the big screen and the book by Jeremy Schaap. A great role model for families today and for future generations.

Sean Carney - Harrison Twp., Mi USA
2005-06-06 10:36:58

We saw the film yesterday, we loved it and we were happy to learn all about this boxer/family man!!

Arlene Giudice - Staten Island, Ny USA
2005-06-06 10:36:49

I saw the movie on sunday, june 5, 2005. I have heard about joe
louis before. however, it is an honor to know more about james Braddock as an individual, a dedicated father, a good husband, and a great provider with humility, integrity, determination, guts, tenacity and a supreme sense of
responsibility. it is hard to find an
individual with such personal qualities today. it is an honor for
howard to produce such a great movie to show James Braddock's
life during the depression. He showed us what should our proiority be--our family. I have seen the devastating impacts of
pending divorce on children around my neighbor. Msay god bless the
braddock family for years to come.

sincerely yours paul
june 6, 2005 at jupiter, florida.

Paul Tse - Jupiter, Fl U.s.a.
2005-06-06 10:35:53

Braddock was a bum who got lucky. The Brown Bomber exposed him.

Chuck Wepner - Bayonne, Nj Usa
2005-06-04 21:56:03

Who DIDN'T Joe Louis expose? Pretty much like what Ali did to Wepner!

Gary - Hamilton, Ohio USA
2005-06-06 10:29:56


Cheryl Carruthers - Ft Myers, Fl USA
2005-06-06 10:13:35

I watched in true awe of this great man. I was so touched by this great love story. Mae was the strength behind Jim and his devotion to her and their children is one to be praised. I am also a child of parents who came thru the depression. I remember the stories of how tuff it was and the sacrifices people had to endure. My grandfather was a very Irish man and a great boxing follower. I can still see him telling the story of the great James J Braddock. God bless your wonderful family and God Bless Ron Howard and his magic in telling your grandparents story. Michelle Scott

Michelle Scott - Willow Springs, Nc USA
2005-06-06 10:11:55

"Cinderella Man" is such an inspiring story about an inspiring hero. Thanks to Ron Howard for bringing James story to life and for giving the younger audiences an opportunity to learn about the greatness of Braddock's boxing career.

Almesha - Newton Ground Village, St. Kitts The Caribbean
2005-06-06 10:06:19

Great film, great story, great man. The only thing I missed was more emphasis on his Irishness. It was a little subtle for those who don't know that he was referred to as "Irish Jim Braddock" (wasn't that even on his ring robe?) and was originally a great inspiration to Irish working-class folk like my parents and immigrant grandparents. I realise that by underplaying the Irishness of the story, it perhaps seems more universal, but I'd love to have seen his Irish immigrant parents portrayed in the movie, as well as references to them and the Irish heritage they passed on to their son.

Michael Lally - Maplewood, Nj United States
2005-06-06 09:35:18

Like the other entries we were completely engaged with every minute of the Cinderalla Man movie. Ditto to all the comments made. What an inspiring story to share with everyone. I had to search the internet for more information. Thanks for this site!!

Cynthia - Jackson, Michigan USA
2005-06-06 09:31:45

I saw the movie last night, it was a touching, poignant portrayal of a very likeable 'Everyman'.......Jim seemed like the guy down the block........I'm from Hudson County and proud that Jim was also from here

David Monchek - Bayonne, Nj USA
2005-06-06 09:29:42

Where have all of our true heros gone? Great heros like Mr. Braddock never really die. They live on in a vision of what America can become.

Mike Griffin - Laughlin, Nevada USA
2005-06-06 09:25:28

I have always searched for inspiration in life to give me strength, in hopes that I could pass it to my family and business associates. The story of James J. Braddock is such a story.

You see, we all have struggles and some of them become extraordinary. As I saw this story unfold on the screen, I was relating to the intestinal pain Mr. Braddock must have been going through in feeling as though his choices in his life have affected his family so profoundly. Yet, his determination never wavered, even as it appeared that he had no chance to win his day. The courage to do what is right, sometimes forces one to use their mind and their balls to define their heart, those of you that saw this story would understand.

This is such a remarkable story that requires each of us to assess our courage, our ability in life to do right, as individuals, as corporations and as governments. Because you can, does not make it right.

Mr. Braddock was truly a fine individual, and the embodiment of what has made America what is has become. I thank god for people like Ron Howard, which have the skill to tell this story for the rest of us to draw strength from.

Joseph W. Moore - Omaha, Ne USA
2005-06-06 08:47:56

After seeing the movie "The Cinderalla Man", I was very impressed with James' integrity. It's a rarity in this time and day. It was very heart wrenching at times but it gave you a great perspective on the "Great Depression" and what they had to deal with during that time. Thank God for heros like him.

Deborah Harding - Richmond, Virginia USA
2005-06-06 08:43:20

What an inspiration for people that give up too fast when they think their dream in out of reach.

John Lavallée - Montreal, Quebec Canada
2005-06-06 08:41:49

Went and saw the Ron Howard movie and Loved it! I knew vaguely about the Braddock/Baer fight but not much about the man. Cinderella man did a fine job in telling Jim's story. I have a lot more respect for him.

Mike Schiavoni - Atlanta, Georgia USA
2005-06-06 08:33:24

I took my Mom and sister to see the movie yesterday. My Mom remembers listening to his fights on the radio when she was little. I wish my Dad had lived to see this movie. Thank you for sharing your family history with the world. What an inspiring story!

Kristi King - Seaford, Delaware USA
2005-06-06 08:19:26

integrity, honor and heart ... the story of jim braddock is what it means to be a true citizen of the world.

Stephanie - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Usa
2005-06-06 08:18:16

Dear Jim;

Thnak you to your family for such a wonderful story and the inspiring life of your father. He was such a heroic man and a wonderful human being. He is a model of what made America great.

Paul Oliveira - Sharon, Ma USA
2005-06-06 08:16:18

I saw the movie last night.It really is an incredable story.What makes it genuine is Braddocks' sense of integrity, responsibilty, courage and humility.His returning of the "relief" money, his unwillingness to blame society or others for his situation and his fight to keep his family together, made him a champ long before he went against Max Baer.In an era of Barry Bonds and spoiled rich hockey players who don't want their greed capped ,it is inspiring to see what real courage looks like. My grandfather used to tell me the story of how he worked for 50 cents a day during the depression and he NEVER complained either.This movie gives us the true meaning of "the right stuff".Awesome man ,awesome story.

Clayton Mallaley - Montreal, Quebec Canada
2005-06-06 08:06:52

My wife and I saw the movie yesterday. It was an inspiring story.

Mark Grizzaffi - Peachtree City, Ga USA
2005-06-06 07:49:14

Jim Braddock is an awesome inspiration to so many people, including myself. After watching Ciderella Man, I am telling all my friends and family to go see it. I am so glad I didn't pass from this world before I learned about this man. He gives us hope in a sometimes hopeless world. I am thrilled to share his first name. God bless you, James J. Braddock!

James A Sancimino - Orlando, Florida USA
2005-06-06 07:47:57

John Charles "Corn" Griffin, who Braddock fought in 1934 is my cousin. My family was always so proud of John Charles, but I didn't realize until the movie that it was the fight between these two that marked the comeback of Braddock's career. We're so proud that our cousin rose to the #2 Heavy-Weight Boxer in the world and that it was him who played a role and paved the way for this incredibly inspirational story to transpire and to move all of us these many years later. God moves in mysterious ways--even through defeat. God bless you Ron Howard for movies like this!

Michelle Bergman - Longwood, Florida USA
2005-06-06 06:29:54

Braddock is an inspiration then, now and forever. I never knew anything about him prior to seeing Ron Howard's film. But, I wanted to know more about this man and his story, so and came to this site. Jim Braddock - the man - is a shinning example of what we can aspire to, as dreamers and leaders of our families.

Jb - San Jose, Ca USA
2005-06-06 04:25:01

Cinderella Man is such an inspiring movie. What a courageous person. I know there are people like this today, but the WWII generation was full of character. God bless the greatest generation.

Daniel B - Minneapolis, Mn United States
2005-06-06 04:05:54

i just got home from watching the movie...the late late's 230 AM and i am in awe of such a story...i find few things inspirational...i just have no words...i will n ever forget this man and his life...thank you for sharing his story...

S - San Antonio, Tx Us
2005-06-06 03:48:02

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