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James J. Braddock, World Heavy-Weight Champion

Welcome to the official guestbook of the James J Braddock website. Due to spam, we have been forced stop guestbook entries.

I am Jimmy J's "THE CHAMP" Godson from North Bergen. If anyone would like to talk about the stories my father told me about him, Pat Sullivan the Police Chief, and their escapades in various bars with a tommygun can contact me at stephenrdonnelly@hotmail.com or call me at 904-553-7491. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Stephen - Jacksonville, Florida [2004-03-20 13:49:05]
This is amazing, I recently located the James J. Braddock, World Heavyweight
Championship Belt. I sent it to Jay, so maybe we'll see it in the movie!?

Rita - Orange, Ca. USA
2004-03-14 00:55:32
Rita - Orange, Ca. [2004-03-14 00:58:47]
Earl Braddock - Gloucester City, Nj [2004-03-13 20:25:05]
Earl C Braddock - Gloucester City, Nj [2004-03-13 20:23:06]
My father, John Jay Schumacher was, like the Champ, born in Hell's Kitchen and his family also moved to West New York as did my mother's. I was baptized in St Joseph's in April 1928 but mama and dad moved to Maine in 1931 where dad had a tavern. On the back bar was a photo of the champ in boxing pose with the inscription, "To John, a great guy and a great friend." My heart was broken in '38 when I was ten and the title passed to Joe Louis. My wife and I lived in North Bergen for several years before moving back to Maine. One day, on the steps of St. Joe's, there was the champ himself. I went up and introduced myself. He was very gracious and asked after my dad. It was a great moment for me. A couple of weeks ago my sister called me to tell me--proudly--that Ron Howard was making a movie of Jimmie. We are both thrilled, but both mlourned the fact that the famous inscribed photo had been lost as had another one of the guys in the Willow Athletic Club in West New York. My sister is oretty sure that Jimmie was in the picture. Can you tell me if he was a member of the club? Thanks, and we will be looking forward to the film which with Jimmie's wonderful personality and Howard's directing should be great. All the best!
John F. (jack) Schumacher - Newcastle, Me [2004-03-11 14:45:32]
Great website !

I can't wait to see the result of the tribute on screen Ron Howard and Russell Crowe will pay to this boxer . That's a nice occasion to tell the story of his life to a wider audience and for this James 's family must be really proud .
Stephanie - Argenteuil, Europe [2004-03-11 07:00:14]
My son boxed when he was a teen. He was quite sucessful (provincial champ,second in nationals), but more importantly to me it taught him about resiliance. He is down in Hamilton right now trying to get in the movie about your life. He has heart -- I have no doubt he will succeed at whatever he does.
Pauline Mcvey - Slave Lake, Alberta [2004-03-08 10:52:48]
Fantastic website for the Champ! I look forward to the movie and being Ron Howard is directing, you know it will be a BlockBuster! Russel Crowe is an excellent actor and I feel will bring James J. Braddock alive for us once again. A great Champion who will never be forgotton....
Mark Ollig - Buffalo, Minnesota [2004-03-07 08:40:12]
An inspirational story that transcends sport and reflects the era of the Great Depression. The Russell Crowe movie will perform a great service by ensuring that more people are aware of Jimmy Braddock and his remarkable triumph over adversity. I am writing a book entitled 'The Fighting Irish' that is due for publication in the UK in October 2004. Hopefully it will be released in America the following Spring. Chapter 11 is devoted to James J. Braddock, and I fervently hope that it too, in a small way, will bring Jimmy's story to a wider audience. Best of luck with the site (the photographs are superb). Anyone with anecdotes about Jimmy don't hesitate to get in touch.
Roger Anderson - Coleraine, County Derry [2004-03-01 18:42:02]
Such great sports history should be shared with our children and our childrens children. My wife and I are friends of Tim Braddock, grandson of James J. Braddock. Our best wishes to the family.
John "jt" Thomas - Hamilton Square, New Jersey [2004-02-21 22:18:28]
So happy to see this site...my father is named after, and related to, this great fighter. My father is James Joseph Lynch son of Mary Ellen Whittaker. Can't wait to see the movie!!
Susan Lynch Keith - Rutland, Vermont [2004-02-18 19:44:26]
My mother Claire, was very close with Rosemarie as children. They went to St. Cecilia's together. My mother spent much of the time in the Braddock house and always spoke so highly of Mr. Braddock.
Brian - Beverly Hills, Ca [2004-02-17 19:32:41]
You are doing a great job on the site you made for Grandpa. I'm sure he would be very proud. Can't wait to go to Toronto!
Susan - Toms River, Nj [2004-02-13 19:49:11]
Thanks for including little Kyle in those fightin Varites' - The last time I looked he wasn't little.
Susan Varites - Toms River, New Jersey [2004-02-13 19:45:01]
Sorry Stace but I was referring to the Fightin Varites'...Matt and Mike. I think little Kyle can hold his own too.
Ryan - Toms River, Nj [2004-02-09 19:43:58]
james braddock was my grandmother's uncle, her father's brother. i've grown up hearing stories about him, and grandma is thrilled to death that the movie is finally being made! although i have to say i am a little disappointed that it is being filmed in toronto and not in north jersey/new york. and ryan, i agree, GOD BLESS THE IRISH!!! by the way, were those fighting descendents of his that you mentioned my cousins evan and bryce, by any chance?
Stacey - Beachwood, Nj [2004-02-06 18:23:37]
I'm only 19 so I obviously never met James Braddock, but I am good friends with 2 of his great-grandsons and I must say that the apple did not fall far from the tree. Those boys can fight!!!! GOD BLESS THE IRISH!!!!!
Ryan - Toms River, New Jersey [2004-01-31 19:50:37]
Inspiring story.. Sure will look forward to the movie.
John O'brien - Waterford,, , [2004-01-31 11:54:28]
Wow...what an amazing story. What's even more amazing is that I'd never heard of Mr. Braddock, before hearing about the upcoming movie. However, I'm hardly a boxing history buff. I'm sure the movie will be a big hit. Good luck.
Jimmy - Levittown, Ny [2004-01-30 20:36:05]
Just wanted to say that we here in Sullivan County, New York were pleased to have Jimmy Braddock as a part-time resident and to provide a site for his training camps from time to time. In fact, if anyone can provide any info on the Champ's time at the hotels here or anything about his ties to the area, I would appreciate hearing from you at jconway52@hotmail.com.
John Conway - Barryville, Ny [2004-01-29 08:47:45]
i meant to say i watch the film every so often of the Baer/Braddock fight.
It seems to me that Baer going into the fight seem like he did'nt care to fight that night. Also when Braddock won, he did not fight very often. When he faced Louis it was all over.
Wilhelm - Farmington Hills,, Michigan [2004-01-26 20:47:22]
max baer was my idol, i have all his boxing matches on 16mm film.the one that he lost to braddock is very clear.
i was it from time to time and it seems
that Baer did not want to fight in the match.
Wilhelm - Farmington Hills,, Michigan [2004-01-26 20:36:47]
Hi Jay
I think you are doing a great job on my fathers site. It is nice to see how many people visit the site. I guess there are many relatives out there that we don't know about. It is good to hear form them. Keep up the good work.
Uncle Howard
Howard P Braddock - Forked River, New Jersey [2004-01-23 13:06:35]

Great news about your going to the open casting for Cinderella Man. I have a section on the film at my Crowe web site, and would love to post a report from you on your day's experiences - or a link to the Braddock message board if you prefer posting here.

Mary Murphy (murph) - Ridgewood, Nj [2004-01-18 13:25:23]
I'm a former undefeated flyweight boxer. Although I never met Jim Braddock, I did meet Jack Dempsey in 1946. He gave me some tips for my short career,as it turned out.By coincidence, my late Mother, Rose, lived for ten years in West New York, New Jersey in a condominium apartment. I noted that Jim's daughter was named Rose. Tomorrow morning,Jan.17/04, I'm trying to get a background non-speaking part in the upcoming film, 'Cinderella Man', which is being filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It's a casting call set for 10 a.m. 'til 1 p.m. at the Toronto YMCA.I've appeared in two movies made for TV so far.Whether or not I get the part, I hope that the film proves to be a box-office hit. Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger are two of my favorite actors.I wish them more success.
Lawrence J. Fenwick - Mississauga, Ontario [2004-01-16 23:26:25]