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I thought the movie was excellent. If Crowe's portrayal of Braddock is accurate he was not only a good boxer but a hell of a man.
Fjn - Chas, Sc [2006-07-24 15:40:16]
Cinderalla Man...the 2nd time aound for this movie prompted me to find out more. You should be so proud of your grandfather...and grandmother. They had real integrity. God bless you and all his generations to follow.
Fran - North Olmsted, Oh [2006-07-24 10:29:56]
I watched the movie and was inspired. Looking into the "real" James J. Braddock, I found hope and inspiration. I see that no matter how tough things get, there is always hope and a second chance. Never give up and never quit on yourself is a good way to live.
J.d.a. - Dallas, Tx [2006-07-24 03:30:53]
Jim is a good example to be followed.
Fabio Braga - Bh, Mg [2006-07-24 01:14:08]
Saw the movie, the story of Jim is an inspiration to me and shows me that I can survive and succeed no matter how low things get. Very inspiring.

Keep up the good work with this site
Christopher Prevost - Ottawa, Ontario [2006-07-23 21:27:53]
One of the best movies ever. The story of James J. Braddock's life should be an insparation to us all.
Tc1 - Lincoln Park, Nj [2006-07-23 18:56:36]
My wife and I just saw Cinderella Man. What a great inspiration he gives all of us. This should be shown to every child to show them what a truly honest man acts like. Thanks to all who made this wonderfull film.
Don Coon - Lakeland, Florida [2006-07-23 17:49:33]
James III and cousin John you have built a great site. Thank you for sharing your grandfather with all of us. He was a great man and his life continues to inspire me and thousands or perhaps even millions around the world. I imagine your grandpa would be proud of your work.
Phil Mccauley Iii - Louisville, Ky [2006-07-23 13:00:23]
Bob Zindell - Phila, Pa [2006-07-23 00:02:45]
I saw Cinderella Man last night for the first time and I have got to say that he is one remarkable man he did so much in such a short time.
Alan - Dublin, Dublin [2006-07-22 13:55:04]
Best regards from NY!
Margaret - Nyc, Ny [2006-07-22 06:44:04]
Thank God for those in our midst who show the courage and integrity of a Jimmy Braddock. When I need a dose of inspiration and strength, after getting off my knees, I watch the one and only "Cinderella man".
Bruce Forsyth - College Station, Texas [2006-07-21 23:11:09]
I was awestruck by the movie and the man, James J. Braddock. What a courageous, honest, and dedicated family man he was. His family must be very proud of him.
Joyce - Ledgewood, Nj [2006-07-21 22:50:50]
I have seen a lot of boxing movies, but Cinderella Man was the best so far, at least in my opionion. Jimmy Braddock is an inspiration that should be spread around the world.
Mike - Chicago, Illinois [2006-07-21 22:38:21]
What a great movie- I am not a fan of boxing but Jimmy Braddock was such an inspiration and gives hope for the future to those who are seeing hard times
Kate - Bethpage, Ny [2006-07-21 16:05:50]
My 18 y/o son and I just finished watching "Cinderella Man". Interestingly enough this opened a conversation about the Great Depression and how people were forced to live. It was wonderful to see that Jim Braddock could live such an honorable life despite the odds. We thought that if more people lived like that in todays world, it would be a much better place.
P.S. We really enjoyed the "real life" photo gallery.
Emiy - Crockett, Ca [2006-07-21 13:35:31]
Just finished watching Cinderella Man with my young son. Being a single mother of a son it is difficult to show to him the basic characteristics of a good man. This movie of Mr. Braddock's life serves as a good example to my son of what a good man is. Mr. Braddock surely was a honest, strong willed, spirited, couragous and loving man. He had obviously had the fight in his belly, the fire in his stomach for providing for his family and loving his wife. This movie is quite inspirational and should be watched by many. Mr. Braddocks character is what the world lacks today. Thanks for sharing his story with us, I will cherish it.
Jennifer - Boston, Mass [2006-07-21 12:54:42]
I hate boxing but LOVED the story of this obviously honest man! Something that seems to be lacking in our society today!
John Eaton - Castlethorpe, Buckinghamshire [2006-07-21 06:33:23]
I am a boxing fanatic and recently was able to view Cinderella Man for the first time. I know that a lot of people don't like boxing because they believe it is a barbaric sport, but I believe that Jim Braddock's story teaches us a valuable lesson. Whether or not we fight in a ring in front of thousands of people or have our own personal battle with an everyday problem, we all fight the same enemy.... adversity. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible, and the people who criticize you for trying something "impossible" probably wish they had your courage. The will and determination to succeed and the guts to do what he believed is what makes Jimmy Braddock a true champion.
Ricky - Austin, Tx [2006-07-21 04:35:50]
I thought that Cinderella Man would be just another story about boxing. It was, in fact, a story about the triumph of a great man. His will and determination are inspirational and a model for all Americans. Given his adversity, he is in my mind the greatest boxer of all time. God bless his family. You must be very proud.
Vincent - St Petersburg, Fl [2006-07-20 14:24:11]
I watched the movie Cinderella Man and fell in love with this story so much I have watched it 5 times to make sure I miss nothing. I decided to do further research about My Braddock and my journey begins here. This was such a loving man that did what he had to do for his family first and his community second. I sure wish they made men like Mr Braddock in today's society - such grace - boldness - courage and truth in self idenity.
Thank you for letting me be only a small part of looking into this man's life.
Debbie T - Weyburn, Saskatchewan [2006-07-19 23:12:13]
I recently watched Cindarella Man and I just adored the movie. James Braddock was a truly amazing man with much courage throughtout the lows of his life and he loved his wife and children so very much. I just wanted you to know that I loved the story and I loved his honesty throughout his life.
Laura - Woodbridge, Nj [2006-07-19 18:34:52]
I loved the movie and was determined to find out more about this genuine American hero. Decades later James J. Braddock is still the most inspiring athlete this country has ever known.
Yvonne Valdez - Cibolo, Texas [2006-07-18 17:27:28]
Man , what a story , what a MAN !!!!!!!
Talk about a heart of Gold , this guy was the real deal , rising to the occasion when his family needed him to do so.,iT was so sad to see what this fighter had to overcome after having a great life in the late 1920's.
A BROKEN HAND ,,,why didn't he just let it heal when it happened.I'm sure he needed income so he couldn't stop for 2 months to let it heal up ???

The Max Baer fight was a shock to the entire boxing world but Jimmy's will to not go down or give up & just an amazing determination to do whatever it took to take care of the ones he loved ,,his kids & his wife .
The movie was fantastic although it makes you think Jimmy didn't fight for a long time b4 winning the 1st comeback fight although it was only a 8-9 month layoff .

Cinderella Man is a very inspiring movie , helps you understand & know what the priorities of life are & what could happen if you have no source of income.
Johnny - Rutherford, Nj [2006-07-18 10:59:45]
Watching John Braddock's story on TV was a kind reminder of the struggle a lot of people went through in earlier times. It was so very sad at points. Some of us out here should watch it. Then, we ALL be grateful for all that we have, no matter how little. It truly is a Cinderella story but don't get it twisted. The key to this family's survival was LOVE, HOPE and FAITH...go figure.
K. Whitehead - Richmond, Virginia [2006-07-18 10:09:09]