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Welcome to the official guestbook of the James J Braddock website. Do you have any memories of the Champ you'd like to share?   Post them here!

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My husband and I are watching Cinderella Man right now for the 100th time. What an inspirational story. It is awesome to see what a Father will do for his family.

Tammye - Boiling Springs, South Carolina USA
2006-09-13 21:35:07

My husband and I saw this movie in the theater when it came out in June, 2005. Prior to seeing the film, we had just come through a very difficult time in our marriage and our finances. I cannot express to you how much that movie lifted our spirits because we had been in the position of selling everything we owned in order to stay afloat.
That move inspired me to keep trying and a month after seeing it, I was given an international job posting and our finances turned around dramatically.
I give credit to God and James J Braddock's life for reminding us what courage and heart are all about.

Maryjane - Paducah, Kentucky USA
2006-09-11 11:43:25

I love stories that are true to life, I feel I have a connection to movies or stories like this. I am down and out too, but I am graduating in a few weeks with my 4th college degree and about to enter the work force, and I can relate to Jim's counting change to pay the light bill. All my life I have been poor and down like James Braddock, but I have kept my head up and fought for everything too. This was a great story.

David Wills - Cheyenne, Wy USA
2006-09-10 23:52:49

Together as a family we watched the Cinderella Man and we loved it! It was such a great and inspiring movie that our kids found it to be full of hope, love, and committment to family. He is a great and inspirational man. Thank you for your website, we enjoyed reading about him and his family. We truly enjoyed the photo gallery. Thanks Claudia Miami, Fl

Claudia - Cruz, Florida USA
2006-09-10 20:51:41

My mother passed away in February. She recalled listening to the fight between James Braddock and Max Baer on the radio. She said James Braddock brought hope to a lot of people, many had no hope for the future. Thanks for bringing memories back to her.

Ruth Fry - Westminster, Colorado USA
2006-09-10 20:26:05

My mother passed away in February. She recalled listening to the fight between James Braddock and Max Baer on the radio. She said James Braddock brought hope to a lot of people, many had no hope for the future. Thanks for bringing memories back to her.

Ruth Frt - Westminster, Colorado USA
2006-09-10 20:25:23

I was looking forward to seeing the movie "Cinderella Man", because it's always interesting to see a true life story about someone who really lived through and triumphed over adversity and trials. I was deeply moved by the film, so much so that I had to get on the internet and see what else I could find out about him. Wonderful website, wonderful story, wonderful life that inspires me. If we only live as long as we are remembered, then Jim will live forever, and although I'm sitting on the other side of the world, his courage and tenacity in the face of so many hardships, is an international inspiration and a beacon for all of us who try to beat the odds.

Tracey Weston - Svendborg, Fyn Denmark
2006-09-10 18:27:50

Powerful stuff, the movie Cinderella Man and the life of JJB.
Wonderful job with the website.

Adrian - Brooklyn, Ny USA
2006-09-10 08:17:50

I have had this movie tivod for months and never got a chance to see it until yesterday. A beautiful and warm story of how a great person can rise above lifes problems while maintaining his family's values is truely great. I tip my hat to Jim ,wherever he may be, his wife and all of his family. All should be proud of him and have a right to be.

Alan Brown - Long Island, New York Usa
2006-09-10 00:15:31

I cannot express just how much the story of James and Mae Braddock, and their family, has meant to me. My family has been going through some rough times over the past few months. One day, I was speaking with my husband whiile he was at work. We were both tired and emotionally spent. We had just lost my husband's best friend since the age of 8, and our budget has taken a slashing due to us opening our own business. Things have definitely been trying....That afternoon, after I returned home from seeing my husband, I called and left a message on his phone..."Don't worry baby, we'll get through this. You're the champion of my heart, Love, M."
James and Mae Braddock lift my spirit every day, as of late. Thank you for bringing this story to those of us that were not familiar with it...
To the BULLDOG of Bergen....and that sweet Irish luck!

Michelle Mcpeters - Old Hickory, Tn USA
2006-09-08 22:58:54

All i can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! What a wonderful story.

Anthony - Garfield, New Jersey USA
2006-09-08 22:49:58

I have watched Cinderella Man at least 20 times and the movie still touches my heart. What a great story! I know you are extremely proud of your father and mother - they are the true picture of parents doing what it takes to keep the family together through terrible times.

Susan Jew - Sacramento, Ca USA
2006-09-08 19:30:20

This was a very clear and incredible website to share about your family. My hats off to you gentlemen. I look forward to sharing the story and the movie with my family.
It's powerful to share these real stories in the midst of today's challenges our society faces. World class people focus on the positive and never giving up.


Alex - Sacramento, Ca USA
2006-09-08 15:52:25

The portrayal of James J. Braddock, wife Mae, and their fight to keep their family going through the trials of the depression is truly heartwarming and inspirational. It is a story i love to immerse myself in over and over. If only we could all be so lucky to have family members who were that courageous and have touched the lives of so many people. My compliments to James Jay the 3rd and John Van Vugt for creating this website to commemorate their family for all of us to take part in and share.

Krista L. Tesoriero - Syosset, Ny USA
2006-09-07 11:13:56

God Bless the Braddock family.The Bulldog of Bergen is an inspiration to all Americans from all walks of life.Jim Braddock was a true American Hero.It makes me so proud that he was from my home state of New Jersey.Long Live the Bulldog of Bergen.

Ed Moreira - Toms River, New Jersey U.s.a.
2006-09-06 14:54:15

My favorite movie used to be Titanic.I watched it many times. Cinderella Man is now my favorite movie and I am not exaggerating when I say that I watch this movie EVERY DAY. Cinderella Man is such an inspirational movie. Even if only half of the movie was to be true, Mr Braddock was one hell of a man. I dont really have any heroes in life, but I sure do now.

Cory Silva - Baldwin Park, Ca USA
2006-09-06 12:10:41

God Bless a great greater love than the love of a father and a champion

Dani - London, London Uk
2006-09-06 07:24:58

I bet I've watched this film a dozen times (well, except for the boxing parts!). What an inspiration. No wonder Mr. Braddock, my father, and others of their generation are now termed "The Greatest Generation." What an inspiration. Thank you for sharing his story, and, more importantly, your precious family photos. If Ron Howard and Russell Crowe portrayed an inth of your grandfather's morality, you must stand very proud.

Kay - Nee Oklahoma City, Ok, Ok USA
2006-09-05 15:11:25

This is my second post because I failed to mention that this is the greatest web site I have ever seen about any individual and the family is to be congratulated for the way they have put it together.
You have made sure that that JJB will never, ever be forgotten.
Kudos to you all !!!!!!

Kenny Downs Sr - King George, Virginia USA
2006-09-05 15:05:12

I have watched the movie three times now, I cannot walk away once it is on. I actually got up the first time I watched it and found myself punching the air and rooting for Jimmy during the Baer fight. In the end, I cry everytime after they make the announcement that he won. Well done and well done to the family to keep his name alive. Didn't even know about this story before. I sure do now. Hats off to the Bulldog

Eric Miller - Elmira, New York USA
2006-09-05 14:59:17

What an absolutely beautiful man in all aspects of life. Just caught the movie and was overwhelmed by the acting. A great job by everybody !!! Loved the scenes with the kids, what a proud and great father. James J. Braddock will never be forgotten because he stood for everything that is right with the world. God bless the entire clan...
Rest assured he walks with the

Kenny Downs Sr - King George, Virginia USA
2006-09-05 14:57:17

it was only by accident that i discovered such a wonderful person ever exsisted. Bigger inspirational characters are few and i think it incredible that such an amazin individual ever graced the earth. i would even go as far as to say that James J Braddock is a hero of mine and someone who i can ony dream to emulate

Jonny - Skegness, Lincolnshire England
2006-09-05 14:28:15

I just saw the movie, Cinderella Man and I cried. It reminded me of my father, who also had a great sense of responsibility to his family. Men like Jim and my dad are to be admired for their strength and courage.

Sophie Perez - Naperville, Il USA
2006-09-05 14:07:57

You should be extremely proud of the man. It is not often that you see the qualities shown by him to provide for his family and insure thier ability to stay together as a family under the most difficult of circumstances. Not many heros around like that today. God Bless His Soul !!

Blair - Jacksonville, Florida USA
2006-09-05 10:39:51

I haven't been this inspired by anyone in a very long time. I plan to watch the movie again, this time with my children. It's hard to find heroes, but Mr. Braddock is certainly one to be remembered

Peggy Tittle - Flat Rock, Nc Usa
2006-09-05 10:07:26

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