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On this day in 1928, Braddock fought Nando Tassi in a 10 round
On this day in 1932, Braddock fought Tony Shucco in a 8 round Loss

James J. Braddock - Photo Gallery

Welcome to the James J Braddock photo gallery. Jim's fairytale rise to stardom was a quick one which included hundreds of appearances and photo opportunities with movie stars, world famous athletes and an occasional politician and of course his loving family. These photos are from the Braddock family archive and are viewing purposes only.

Braddock puts up this dukes in this 1937 publicity photo
Jim with manager Joe Gould, wins decision over Tommy Farr. Madison Square Garden, 1938.
Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Jim Braddock
Jim looks over movie scripts with Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler
George Raft and Jim Braddock
Max Baer, Jack Dempsey and Jim Braddock toast each other at Dempsey's restaurant in NYC, 1935
Grand Beach Michigan June 19 1937, Braddock trains for Joe Louis fight.
Comiskey Park Chicago June 21 1937, James J. Braddock - Joe Louis weigh-in.
Doc. Robb and Jimmy Braddock
James Braddock poses for in the press photo
Braddock puts on the gloves for this publicity photo.
Jim Braddock with  FBI director J. Edgar Hoover
Joe Louis receives a solid right hand from Braddock
Braddock, Mae West and manager Joe Gould
Braddock delivers a body blow to Tommy Farr
James J. Braddock with President Truman
Braddock jabs Farr with a left
Joe DiMaggio, James J. Braddock and Postmaster General James A. Farley in Braddock's dressing room after the Tommy Farr fight, January 21, 1938
Jim Braddock visits the North Bergen, NJ Boys Club
Jim Braddock's first publicity photo, 1926
Manager Joe Gould answers phones while Braddock rests after a fight
A young Jimmy Braddock sparring
Braddock and Tommy Farr weigh-in, January 1938
Postmaster General Farley and Jim Braddock at the ribbon cutting ceremony of a Monticello NY post office
Braddock shares boxing secrets with Tommy Farr
At Dempsey's restaurant NYC, Jack Dempey gives Jim advice for his upcoming fight with Max Baer
Joe Sekyra and Jim Braddock
Heavyweight title fight, June 13th, 1935 - James Braddock & Max Baer. The Madison Square Bowl in Long Island City, NY.
Maxie Rosenbloom and Jimmy Braddock
Braddock works out with the heavy bag
Joe Louis & James Braddock at weight-in. Chicago, June 1937.
Doc. Robb cuts the tape off Jimmy's hands after a fight.
Max Schmeling, Joe Gould & James Braddock get in to it over contract issues. 1936.
James J. Braddock celebrates winning the Heavyweight Championship of the World as Max Baer hangs his head in defeat. June 13, 1935 Long Island City.
Jim Braddock with son's James & Howard
James J Braddock
Jim Braddock
Jim and Lud Shabazian throw a few punches. Lud who was a good friend of Jim's wrote the Jim Braddock biography, 'Relief to Royalty'
Jim with wife Mae and children James, Rose Marie and Howard
Braddock with his children Howard, James and Rose Marie
Mae Braddock with sons James and Howard
Jim with wife Mae and daughter Rose Marie
The Champ celebrates his 64th birthday with wife Mae and sons Howard and Jay.
James and his Mom and Dad, Joseph ans Elizabeth
Jim, Fred Brenner, and Mae at Wolf's, a favorite resturant of the Braddock's.
Jim leads the dance as the band plays behind them.
Jack Braddock, Julia Klink, James J. Braddock, Nellie Mallon, Al Braddcok, and Joe Braddock.
Bill Fox and James J. Braddock at the Braddock summer home, Sullivan County NY.
Jim gets help in his corner from sons James and Howard
Jay and Howard with Dad. 1/10/1952.
John Scarney and Jim play a game of scarney. Jim and the game maker were good friends.
Howard, Jay and Dad out for a Sunday jog and ride.
Howard Braddock.
Abe Greene, boxing commissioner of New Jersey, and Jim Braddock at Joe Louis' training camp while Louis trains for the Tommy Farr fight. Pompton Lakes, NJ. 8/4/1937.
Jim and his sparring partner, Jack McCarthy(right), take a break from training for the Louis fight to enjoy some cake at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ogren. Lake Shishebogama in northern Wisconsin. 4/6/1937.
Jim Braddock, and his sparring mate Jack McCarthy, lift them up and put them down while training for the nearing Joe Louis fight. 6/18/1937
Mae & Jim Braddock look at a pair of the Champ's boxing gloves hanging over the fireplace in their North Bergen home.
After a day of strenuous training at his camp in Kenosha, Wiss., champion Jim Braddock takes on his sparring mates once more - but this time in a friendly card game. Left to right: Jim Braddock, Henry Copper, and Charlie Massera. Standing is Sam Milton.
Sparring partner Jack McCarthy, Trainer Doc. Robb, Manager Joe Gould, and Jim Braddock keeping warm by the fire. Camp Kenosha, Wiss. 6/20/1937.
The Champ's parents, Elizabeth O'toole Braddock and Joseph Braddock.
The Champ out with his friends.
Left to right: Father Peter Fox, son Peter, Daughter Mae(the champs wife), James J. Braddock, child Raymond Beck, Mother Mary Fox, and sons Harry and Raymond Fox.
James Braddock plays with his children, Rose Marie, Howard and James
Elizabeth O'toole Braddock.
Jim Braddocks' brothers at their home in Guttenburg: Ralph, Joe Jr., and Al. 6/14/1935
Joseph Braddock
Jim Braddock waves hello
James J. Braddock's funeral at St. Josephs' in West New York. Up front is Kenny and Rosemarie DeWitt with Mrs. Braddock and son Jay behind. 1974.
Grandson, James J. Braddock III, accepts his grandfathers nomination into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Canastota, NY. 2001.
Grandson Braddock with the great late trainer Eddie Futch at the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Mr. Futch trained Joe Frazier and Ken Norton who both beat Muhammad Ali. 2001.
Grandson Braddock with the Champ, Ken Norton. Mr. Norton broke Muhammad Ali's jaw with that right hand. 2001.
Braddock / Baer The Ring Magazine cover
Braddock on the cover of The Ring Magazine
Braddock / Baer on the cover of The Ring Magazine
Braddock on The Ring Magazine cover
Ringside Boxing collector card
Stephen Mitchell & Son collector card. Originally issued in the UK in 1936
Braddock appears on an Ogden's Tobacco collector card from 1937
Advertisement for 'Inn Braddock’s Corner', where many fans and stars would meet with the Champ and dine in New York City's theatre district
Madison Square Garden replica used in the movie, Cinderella Man. 2004.
Site of Cinerella Man movie filming. 6/2004
Posters around filming site. Toronto, Canada. 2004.
Russell Crowe after training for the movie Cinderella Man with his friend and sparring mate, Spud. 2004.
Ron Howard filming Cinderella Man. Toronto, Canada. 2004.
Ron Howard filming Cinderella Man on the streets of Toronto. 2004.
Russell Crowe in car, on the set of Cinderella Man. 2004.
Antique cars used in the filming of Cinerella Man. 2004.
Director Ron Howard, Russell Crowe, and Producer Brian Graizer on the set of Cinerella Man. Toronto. 2004.