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On this day in 1928, Braddock fought Nando Tassi in a 10 round
On this day in 1932, Braddock fought Tony Shucco in a 8 round Loss

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James J. Braddock, World Heavy-Weight Champion

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no matter how many times this movie is on tv, I always watch it. Very inspirational
Deborah - Howell, New Jersey United States [2013-11-16 20:11:51]
Very informative and beautiful site. Just watched the Cinderella Man movie and my heart was touched, leading me to learn more. He sounds like he was a wonderful man. The family is truly blessed
Diane - Coplay, Pennsylvania United States [2013-11-16 19:38:25]
What an inspiring story. My all time favorite boxing movie. I watch everytime it comes on.
Emily - Detroit, Michigan United States [2013-11-16 18:01:38]
Just watched Cinderella Man. What an amazing life and loving husband and father.
Jennifer Smith - Council Bluffs, Iowa United States [2013-11-15 21:30:34]
When a man has to fight for milk. Nothing can stop him. An inspiration.
Benjamin Teh - Singapore, Singapore [2013-10-19 15:11:52]
May God bless the memory of this truly saintly man. James J. Braddock is a true hero.
Jack Dowhy - Sooke, British Columbia, Canada [2013-09-24 02:41:41]
I just saw this wonderful story last night with my wife, she is not a boxing fan like I am but she loved it as much as I did. It is an insperational story that anyone would benefit from.
Russ Samuel - Coral Gables, Florida United States [2013-09-13 14:03:29]
I remember James Braddock as most of all a decent good human being even above the great fighter he was.
Jim M - Mesa, Arizona United States [2013-09-06 00:58:02]
I've always been a big boxing fan, and therefore, needless to say, i thought the movie was fantastic. The courage and resolve of James J Braddock righty created the legend. His life will always be a source of inspiration. I wish his descendants, all the very best.
Cherian Kavalam - Mumbai, India [2013-08-30 02:39:47]
Just saw the movie accidentally. I am no boxing fan but could not move till the end.Then found it was real story. Amazing. Went on to read about Max Baer as well. Both real and reel are exceptional.
H P Das - Bhubaneswar, India [2013-08-26 08:53:37]
Accidentally viewed the movie at early morning. Unable to stop viewing the movie till end. At end only came to know that it is the real life story of a great boxer. Read about him in this website. Very inspiring & motivational. Surprised that he played so many fights in less years. The Director & lead actors portayed the great man's life & struggle deservingly. His wife deserves more appreciation for her behind the screen love and care of the great man
K.g.veeraraghavan - Kancheepuram, India [2013-08-24 04:42:53]
I'm Doing some research for a History Through Film class at my high school. This website is great and everything is very interesting. I can't wait to see the movie!
Devin Krasowski - Notus, Idaho United States [2013-08-22 15:15:00]
James J. Braddock is a relative of my stepfather's. Love the movie, Cinderella Man, and according to my step family, it was pretty accurate. Wish I could have met him at some point.
Brandon Kennedy - Independence, Virginia United States [2013-08-20 09:59:03]
I watched the movie Cinderella man it was a heart warming movie. After I watch the movie I started reading about the Cinderella man.. He has changed the way I look at things I admire him... Times are hard on some these days but you push on like Cinderella man said he was fighting for milk..
Samona Parks - Kimball, West Virginia United States [2013-07-25 22:19:13]
Having seen the movie I am reading the book on his life. I was wrong in believing he was not a good fighter and even Louis said he was the bravest man he fought .Rest in peace Jim Braddock you are an inspiration to us all !
Ian Marriott - Southport, United Kingdom [2013-06-29 18:02:41]
Having seen the movie I am reading the book on his life. I was wrong in believing he was niot a good fighter and even Louis said he was the bravest man he fought .Rest in peace Jim Braddock you are an inspiration to us all !
Ian Marriott - Southport, Alabama United Kingdom [2013-06-29 17:59:53]
im fighting for milk :))))
rip mr braddock
Leslie - Boston, Massachusetts United States [2013-05-29 20:06:39]
There will never be another "Cinderella Man" or boxing movie that will inspire like that one. God bless James J. Braddock and Russell Crowe.
Anistan Wooten - Cleveland, North Carolina United States [2013-05-28 09:34:22]
just seen the film Cinderella man and was so taken back by his struggle to feed his family heart wrenching story brilliant film made me investigate the man on the net
Phyl Long - Cambridge, United Kingdom [2013-05-27 17:22:36]
The original ´Rocky´ God Bless Him!
Garry Binks - AlmerĂ­a, Spain [2013-05-27 13:10:27]
Would of loved to met the man, what I've read I think he must of been a truly great person a great father and sportsman a true gent,rip j.b
Mike Ogrady - Swansea South Wales Uk, United Kingdom [2013-05-27 12:16:54]
James J Braddock is my role model. God bless him.
Alex Gordon - Worthing, United Kingdom [2013-05-27 03:23:03]
Amazing man. We all should be so good!
Paytra Hogue - Lakewood, Colorado United States [2013-05-27 02:04:07]
This man was incredible. He has inspired me with his strength and will to live. Truly extraordinary.
Whitney Sherman - Abilene, Texas United States [2013-05-22 13:25:43]
Another classic story of a great man fighting his way not just through the ring but through life as well.
Brandon Croyle - Mentor, Ohio United States [2013-05-21 06:04:48]